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Addiction and
Recovery Portfolio
Addiction Academy

The Academy for Addiction Professionals has worked with Fortris since their inception to create website that drives significant traffic to their program. The Academy has gained several top spots in search engines because of the excellent structure of the site and informational quality.

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is a leading alcohol and drug rehab center in Greensboro, North Carolina counting over 25,000 alumni since its inception. Fortris has worked with The Hall to design an increasingly interactive website with an eye on Search Engine Optimization and social media interaction.

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Addiction and Recovery

With over 5 years experience in the industry and many satisfied clients in the recovery, detox and addiction treatment fields, Fortris is uniquely able to analyze an addiction treatment facility’s business plan, suggest improvements and implement those suggestions with cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions. Our consulting services are tailored to each facility’s unique needs and involve new and creative ways to increase patient counts.

Fortris is aware of the high level of competition in the addiction treatment field and we are able to differentiate our clients through out-of-the-box creative strategies. Mass media advertising is no longer enough - It takes a highly targeted and well-managed strategy to achieve a successful advertising campaign.

Additional Options

Grassroots Marketing
Fortris specializes in grassroots marketing strategies that, over time, increase the number of prospective patient inquiries and conversions. Grassroots marketing techniques are often under-utilized. It takes knowledge, experience and time to implement an effective grassroots campaign that may be overlooked in favor of "easier" high budget strategies. Grassroots campaigns can provide a foundation of success from which larger marketing plans can be created, funded and launched.

Search Engine Optimization
Drive highly targeted traffic to your website at relatively low cost by tapping into Google, Yahoo! and other search engines and internet resources. SEO is unique in being able to target the "right" audience more often than any other medium.

Our Services
Since 2001 we have been providing unique and successful solutions for businesses large and small. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we help you capitalize on the many benefits of Internet and print media marketing, by providing the latest in cutting-edge technology and trend-setting design. Click here to see a list of all our services.